Web Design Matters

In an era of copycats & imposters, identity is everything. Stand out from the rest of the corporate business crowd with unique web design that truly expresses who you are to those who matter most: your customers.

As with any ambitious undertaking, process is a necessity. We believe that any project, digital or otherwise, benefits by adhering to a process that guides an idea from germination to fruition. We are a web design company that believes in creating something that makes your business impossible to ignore. And this is how we do it.

Big Ideas

Everything begins with an idea; an idea that expresses your business and exactly who you are. That idea informs everything else, and until we find it, we don’t move forward. So how do we find it?
We build an actionable web development plan to guide us.
We research your business and your competition.
We figure out who you are & where you fit in the marketplace.
In conjunction with your team, we help find your ‘voice.’ That is, the unique nucleus that informs everything about your business.
Building off that core, we set the wheels in motion...

Beautiful Design

The Internet is a visual medium, so compelling design is a necessity. Attractive web design lends credibility to your business and tells your customers that you care enough to spend time & money developing a website they’ll enjoy using. And that says a lot.
With ideas in hand, we sit down with the team in our award winning web design studio & develop a sitemap & wireframe.
We design an original website that is consistent with the voice of your company.
We put a premium on great web design, but we temper our feelings against those of our client. We aim to find the design that makes everyone happy.

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Brilliant Functionality

Websites have to work, and they have to work well. With high-speed internet, there’s no excuse for a poor user experience. We place great emphasis on this and design accordingly. Here’s what you get:
Thoughtful architecture to ensure easy navigation.
An expert web development team that utilizes HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, and other programming languages to build a website that looks, feels & functions exactly the way it should.
Custom CMS (Content Management System) for simple & efficient website management.
Conversion-focused web design that encourages specific user behaviour.
Fast & efficient hosting to ensure quick load-times.
PPC & SEO services available to increase online presence.

Specialities & Experience

We specialize in business & corporate website design for clients that require functional, informative and original websites. Having worked for a number of major clients (Toronto Blue Jays, Air Canada Centre, Nike and HBC to name a few), you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Getting in Touch

Zebra Studios is a Toronto web design & marketing company that’s been in business for over 12 years. We love the city, so we set up shop in beautiful Yorkville, where we’ve been for the last few years. Although we work with national & international brands, we do the majority of our web design in Toronto. If you’re interested in our web design & development services, we suggest you get in touch.